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Super Prize / Babacar NDIAYE Trophy

The Africa Road Builders

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Presidents Paul KAGAME and Macky SALL nominated for the Super Prix / Grand Bâtisseur - Babacar NDIAYE Trophy from The Africa Road Builders

Casablanca, Morocco, on 20 April 2017.

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"What mobility to transform agriculture and create wealth in Africa?"

Wednesday, 24th may 2017
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Ahmedabad (India)

President Babacar NDIAYE chaired the ceremony of launching.

Dakar, on March 4th, 2017. On Saturday, March 4, the 2nd edition of The Africa Road Builders equipped with the Trophy Babacar Ndiaye was launched.

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Ahmedabad accommodates you

The Africa Road Builders takes place each year in margin of the Annual meetings of the AfDB. Thus, after Zambia which accommodated the first edition in May 2016,

it is the town of Ahmedabad in India which will receive the 2nd edition, in margin of the 52e Annual meetings of the AfDB. Ahmedabad is the capital of the State of Gujarat.

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The Trophy Babacar NDIAYE

After having worked 10 years lasting with the services of the roads and transport in Africa, through the AfDB of which he was the Owner, President Babacar NDIAYE

do not spare any effort today to encourage the young generations to make more for quality of life. The Africa Road Builders him

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High level appointment

The Africa Road Builders wants to be a high level appointment, with the most prestigious institutions of Africa, as one can see it on this image drawn from

ceremony of Lusaka in 2016. The Vice-president of the West African Development Bank (AfDB), Mr. Bassary TOURE, giving the trophy

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The support of the authorities of the Ivory Coast

Receiving its badge, the Minister of the Ivory Coast for Transport, Mr. Amadou KONE, the support of the authorities of the Ivory Coast expressed for the event.

The initiative indeed was born in Ivory Coast through ACTUROUTES. In 2016, several high level delegations left

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Dakar to launch the edition 2017

The Novotel Hotel of Dakar in Senegal was selected for the launching of The Africa Road Builders 2017, on Saturday, March 4. It is

the occasion of a nice ceremony joining together the media and the actors of the roads and transport in Senegal.

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Recognition with the AfDB

The African Development Bank (AfDB) is one of the largest money-lenders of the road projects and transport in Africa. Since many years,

the AfDB finances the aforementioned projects. Its Annual meetings are moments of assessments and prospects. The Africa Road Builders wants to be based on these moments

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The Message of President Babacar Ndiaye for Africa

At the time of the ceremony of launching in Dakar of the 2nd edition of The Africa Road Builders, President Babacar Ndiaye launched a message of hope for Africa.

« To believe in Africa. To make share its faith in Africa. To transform Africa. To feel African, beyond the borders of nationalities. To nourish the ambition to have linked Africa, Africa of the hope. This Africa, I believe in it. I believe that it will succeed, because those which follow us, those which took over, those which are in this room and with beyond this room,any more a complex… They do not have are connected on what exists of better elsewhere. We can tell them: “you can believe in yourself. While believing in yourself, you believe in L” Afrique' »

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